Practices Areas

International Trade and Transportation

Grossman, Cordova, Gilad & Co. Law Offices (GCG) has special expertise in:

  • International trade
  • Maritime and aviation transportation
  • Freight forwarding and customs brokerage
  • International logistics
  • Contracts
  • Commercial transactions and international sales.

The firm represents some of the largest Israeli international forwarding companies, global forwarding companies, customs brokerage companies, shipping agents, logistics companies, imports and exporters and international insurance corporations engaged in insuring and managing risks in international trade and transportation.

The firm handles many international forwarding and customs brokerage commercial transactions including purchasing companies and activities, M&As, joint ventures, establishing and operating logistics centers, etc.

The firm is in constant contact with professional organizations and agencies dealing with international transportation and forwarding in Israel and worldwide.

The firm handled various court cases in which there were important decisions on the legal responsibility of international carriers and service providers in international trade.

The firm supports drafting general collective agreements between employers and workers committees at international forwarding companies.

The firm represents the Israeli Federation of Customs Agents and International Freight Forwarders, which encompasses about 50 international forwarding and customs brokerage companies. Within this framework, the firm supports legislation procedures with the Tax Authority and handles many legal topics with the authorities and private agencies.

The firm is the Israeli legal representative on international forwarding and logistics matters on the leading international website

Real Estate & Urban Renewal

Grossman, Cordova, Gilad & Co. Law Offices specializes in real estate and renders legal services, on complex real estate deals including:

  • Combination deals
  • TAMA 38 earthquake retrofits
  • Financing deals and financial support
  • Residential real estate
  • Income producing property
  • Commercial transactions and contacts with developers and contractors
  • Implementation agreements with service providers
  • Litigation for real estate and construction defects, real estate tax, representation before the ILA, supporting parcelization, registering shared homes, etc.

The firm supports dozens of projects with combination transactions and TAMA 38 for landowners and developers/contractors.

Civil-Commercial Legal Expertise & Litigation

Grossman, Cordova, Gilad & Co. Law Offices specializes in civil-commercial law and provides legal representation services for a broad spectrum of Israeli and international clients such as:

  • International forwarders and customs brokerages
  • Shipping agents
  • Logistics and trading companies
  • Insurance and risk management companies
  • Industrial companies, software, communications and computer companies
  • Fuel and fuel transport companies
  • Financing and credit companies
  • Construction companies, contractors and developers
  • Manufacturing, marketing and distribution companies
  • Various service providers.

The firm provides clients a complete package of solutions in all aspects of their activities including:

  • Handling complex commercial legal cases
  • Conducting proceedings in courts
  • Labor courts, mediation and arbitration
  • Enforcement proceedings and debt collection.